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May 28, 2024, 12:21:22 pm

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Landlords - Akelius

This area of is for tenants living in Akelius buildings to ask questions, make connections, compare notes, and organize themselves.

Akelius Canada Ltd is a large well-financed multinational corporation that owns apartments in several cities around the world. Almost since it’s inception it has courted international criticism – for more information see our Akelius information supplement.

Renters living in Akelius buildings should take note that The Akelius Tenants Network is an association of renters living in Toronto-area buildings owned by Akelius. This active tenant group has been an outspoken advocate for renters, and a strong critic of Akelius.


Author Topic: Are you an Akelius Renter who is experiencing and A.G.I?  (Read 13456 times)

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Are you an Akelius Renter who is experiencing and A.G.I?
« on: November 29, 2022, 09:57:51 am »
Recently, the tenants of 77 Spencer and 109 Indian in Toronto Ontario have experienced an above-guideline increase (AGI) in their rents, beginning January 1st, 2023. For some renters, this AGI is 5.5%, resulting in significantly higher rent payments. If you are living in an Akelius building and HAVE received a substantial AGI, we ask that you connect and organize with us as we confront Akelius on this increase and demand that their petition for this increase be rescinded from the LTB.

Akelius seems to be under the impression that making cosmetic changes to building exteriors while doing very little about pest control, or maintaining safe, clean, operational spaces for tenants is grounds for a substantial increase in a time when many are struggling financially. This will ABSOLUTELY not stand and the tenants of 77 Spencer in particular are organized and ready to take on Akelius by hand delivering a letter to their location at 533 College St. in Toronto. We are stronger in numbers and being assisted by the excellent people at Parkdale Organize.

If you would like to sign our letter to add your voice, or even get involved with our community, please email me.


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Re: Are you an Akelius Renter who is experiencing and A.G.I?
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2022, 10:52:03 am »

I saw this posting on Redit, Akelius is issuing lots of AGIs:


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Re: Are you an Akelius Renter who is experiencing and A.G.I?
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2023, 01:49:15 pm »
There's one in progress for 95 Jameson as well.


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