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December 04, 2022, 03:42:31 am

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Housing Affordability

How can we encourage more purpose-built rental buildings to be built, and affordably rented?

Author Topic: MPP Jessica Bell on Ford's new Housing Task Force... Awesome!  (Read 682 times)

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Jessica Bell says "Doug Ford's own housing affordability task force fails to address or provide recommendations to make rent more affordable for everyday"...   Link to Jessica Bell during Provincial Legislature Question Period

From a recent NDP newsletter:

Ford’s housing task force isn’t interested in building affordable homes
In February, the Government-backed Housing Affordability Task Force released its report. The report includes 55 recommendations designed to speed up the construction of new homes, including Lands Tribunal reform, giving the province greater power over construction and planning approvals, increasing density, and opening up farmland to urban sprawl.

While there are pieces of the housing report I support, like zoning reform to increase density and spur the construction of missing middle homes within existing neighbourhoods, I am frustrated by the report's failure to call for the construction of more affordable housing and introduce measures like vacancy control.

Ontarians are being crushed by the skyrocketing price of housing. People are sleeping in parks across Toronto because they have nowhere to go, rent for a single bedroom costs $1,800 per month, and families are putting off having children because a two-bedroom apartment now requires an income of $118,000. 

It’s past time Doug Ford invested in affordable housing and better protections for renters so everyone can live in a safe and affordable home that meets their needs. 

Watch my question here:

QP Briefing is reporting the government is planning on bringing in a housing bill in the coming weeks. I will share the bill as soon as it is made available.


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