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September 25, 2023, 09:30:57 am

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Akelius Canada Ltd is a large heavily-financed multinational corporation that owns apartments in several cities around the world.  Almost since it’s inception it has courted international criticism – see the News items below.

Tenant Support

The Akelius Tenants Network is an association of tenants living in Toronto-area buildings owned by Akelius. This active tenant group has been an outspoken advocate for renters, and a strong critic of Akelius.

Also, for questions or help visit the Akelius section of our forum.

General Information

The Akelius Page at Landlords of Toronto:  https://www.landlordsoftoronto.com/akelius

Website:  http://www.akelius.ca

2019 Annual Worldwide Profit:  $721 million (Canadian Dollars)
from https://mb.cision.com/Main/3302/3051707/1205125.pdf

289 Niagara Street
Toronto, ON M6J 0C3

844 253 5487


2020 – October 16

Roger Akelius, the reclusive founder of Akelius, has released a statement refuting the claims made by the UN that his company is breeching the human rights of its tenants, claiming “Akelius is an honourable, honest company”.

He also attempts to refute recent statements in the media connecting the UN Report to the resignation of Akelius’s former CEO – “Pål Ahlsén’s resignation in May, after the UN’s report was released in April, was a coincidence”;  and justifying Akelius’s approach to renovations – “Akelius has never threatened or forced any tenant to leave a house”.


2020 – October 9

An article has appeared in the media connecting the recent UN Report that was so critical of Akelius, to the recent resignation of their CEO and the announced change in Akelius’s approach to renovations:


2020 – August 27

Akelius as announced a change in their business model with respect to renovations.

2020 – May 18

Pål Ahlsén, the CEO of Akelius, has resigned!

2020 – May 11

Akelius has been accused of Human Rights Abuses by the United Nations, the full report is now available.

The release of the UN Report was covered by the CBC.

And a City of Toronto Councillor Josh Matlow has backs-up the report, saying “there is no landlord that I’ve heard more complaints about than Akelius”:

2020 – April 29

The United Nations has announced that they will release a report claiming that Akelius is Abusing the Human Rights of their tenants.

2014 – August 12

Berlin seniors battle Swedish property giant

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