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April 13, 2024, 01:36:13 am

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Common Tenant Problems - Renoviction

This section is for discussing Renoviction (eviction for the purpose of renovating the building that tenants are currently living in.)

In addition to this forum there are some terrific information resources available on this topic:

• The RenovictionsTO website has a lot of helpful information regarding renoviction, including a brief overview: "Renovictions: The Basics" to get you up to speed, a guide to Your Rights, and a Renoviction Tracker that we would strongly recommend any tenants facing renoviction to should sign up with.

• From the Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations: Demolitions, Conversions, Renovations and the Residential Tenancies Act.

• From Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO), Can my landlord make me move out for repairs or renovations?, and perhaps most importantly: Protect your right to move back in later!

Author Topic: 4 Toronto councillors want bylaw to tackle 'renovictions'  (Read 352 times)

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Re: 4 Toronto councillors want bylaw to tackle 'renovictions'
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2024, 02:09:57 pm »

Good discussion point any way you look at it. Mike Colle - good man. But SUPER aged when I saw him on TV a couple of days ago. Wow.

I passed by Paula Fletcher in the crowd at the "No Demovictions" event last October.

^ ^ ^ above link has not been updated lately. Big job. These people (eg. Megan and her crew) stress that they are volunteers

Ideas for how to help them: if you can, donate some cash or show up at events, or at city council. Or just phone your own city council rep.

2.) I'm not a technical person but I think my web server (about $12.00 per month, pay as you go) has a feature where you can grant FTP access to a single sub-directory to someone, even someone who is otherwise unaffiliated. I don't like "Wix" and would advise against them using it but if I can get Megan to give me a simple listing - like a "recent headlines.html" or a similar page - we could add the toronto dot CTV News story to the page.

I've mentioned this before but "No Demovictions" got a front page mention in the Toronto Star in January.

3.) Councillor Burnside is having a public gathering at Dons Mills Collegiate THIS EVENING, Monday March 4. Attend and raise the issue of intensification and the overbuild. Bring your notes from last year (March 27, 2023) and ask what has changed... in a way there has been good news as the idea for four high-rise condos at 155 St. Dennis Dr. got denied!

155 St. Dennis is where that golf course is, just east/south-east of Don Mills and Eglinton, east of the Ontario Science Centre.
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