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November 30, 2023, 04:37:52 pm

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Common Tenant Problems - Renoviction

This section is for discussing Renoviction (eviction for the purpose of renovating the building that tenants are currently living in.)

In addition to this forum there are some terrific information resources available on this topic:

• The RenovictionsTO website has a lot of helpful information regarding renoviction, including a brief overview: "Renovictions: The Basics" to get you up to speed, a guide to Your Rights, and a Renoviction Tracker that we would strongly recommend any tenants facing renoviction to should sign up with.

• From the Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations: Demolitions, Conversions, Renovations and the Residential Tenancies Act.

• From Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO), Can my landlord make me move out for repairs or renovations?, and perhaps most importantly: Protect your right to move back in later!

Author Topic: Most illegal eviction fines are less than one month's rent!!  (Read 31260 times)

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From CTVNews - Most illegal eviction fines are less than one month's rent

Ontario’s rental market watchdog doesn’t often fine landlords for evicting tenants illegally — and when it does, most fines are under $2,000, according to new data.

That has the opposition NDP crying foul, saying most fines are less than the cost of a month’s rent in Toronto’s red-hot rental market and warning lower consequences could put more tenants at risk of illegal eviction.

“The data is shocking,” said NDP housing critic Jessica Bell. “This is telling us loud and clear that the rules are not helping tenants, and they are not being enforced.”

Bell said of the 51 fines issued in the last four years, only one landlord has paid up.

... and ...

Toronto is the second-most expensive rental market in Canada, with the average rent for a one-bedroom hitting $2,551 at the end of 2022, according to and Urbanation. The average price of a two-bedroom hit $3,363.

Social worker Axiom Edmonds said fines less than a month’s rent aren’t likely to have an impact when an eviction could give a landlord the opportunity to set the rent higher for the next tenant.

“That’s nothing to a landlord.

This is infuriating, and completely unacceptable!!  This basically proves that the Landlord and Tenant Board is completely skewed in favour of the Landlords!


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